Elgg's word is spreading all over the world!
Wed, 07 Dec 2011 17:00:21 -0300

The day arrived and the first Elgg Meetup took place at London last week!
Under Laura Gill's organization and using the hashtag #LdnElggMeet, Elgg's fans from the UK had a great evening sharing knowledge, experiences and questions on Elgg.

When we asked Laura about what motivated her to organize the meet up she told us ?The company I work for, Surevine, have been working with Elgg since we first started 3 years ago. As the Elgg community is still small, I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for developers and users to come together and share their experiences.?

The main piece of this event was probably the video participation of Cash Costello, one of Elgg's core developers. You can feel you were there taking a look at it here!

Cash Costello
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As Laura also said to us: ?Meeting other developers for the first time, and watching the online networking and sharing since the event has been the thing I am most proud of? this is the main idea on ElggMeetups, growing from getting to know better each one of us and inviting new people to our meetings.

On the London Elgg Meetup site, you will find all the presentations, but in order to avoid you the trouble, here we have embed them! :)
Hope you enjoy the show!

Circles are elgg shaped
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Elgg in Healthcare
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by Malcolm Newbury

by Alec Muffett

What is new in elgg 1.8?
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by Kevin Jardine

You'll find more information on this or any further meetup here! Don't forget to follow @LdnElggMeet on twitter, you'll be updated of the incoming events!

Hope you can spread Elgg's vibe on your city too!